Main tasks:

  • Collection of antecedents of the area and characterization of the physical environment: geology, geomorphology, surface          hydrology, geohydrology.
  • Hydrometeorological analysis and estimation of the water balance.
  • Hydrochemical characterization of the aquifer to be exploited based on the interpretation of analytical results.
  • Field survey in order to identify: existing drilling and sites suitable for the execution of new exploration / test drilling,                      requested by the competent Authorities of each jurisdiction.
  • Geoelectric survey and analysis of the results.
  • Characterization and evaluation of the different hydrolithological layers, and definition of the water system in the sector            under study.
  • Drilling census: measurement of groundwater levels, Electrical Conductivity, pH and Temperature. Hydrochemical sampling      to determine majority and minority ions and trace elements according to the requirement.
  • Preparation of the isopotential map and flow network.
  • Determination of vulnerability of the aquifer.
  • Monitoring, sampling and lithological description of the profiles traversed during the execution of the drilling, in order to            validate the hydrolithological characteristics of the located units.
  • Design and exploitation drilling and execution of pumping tests to determine hydraulic parameters and sustainable flows          of  the aquifer.
  • Design of the monitoring and / or exploitation network of the aquifer system.
  • Georeferencing and altimetry of the perforations that will make up the monitoring network, through a satellite positioner.
  • Pollution: water analysis.

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