The LCV Group has marked experience in the scanning and digitization of geological information from the oil industry. This includes files, electric logs, mudlogs and general reports, as well as maps and graphs of surface facilities. It also specializes in the INDEXING of the scanned material according to customer requirements. 

The process of scanning, digitization and conversion of information to a digital format allows ADDING VALUE, IMPROVES ACCESS to the information, OPTIMIZES PHYSICAL SPACES, SAVE costs and PROTECTS the environment.

LCV Group has specialized technicians and state-of-the-art scanning equipment which allows the scanning of almost all existing information on paper

Among the benefits of converting information to digital format, the following can be mentioned: 
  • Improves the document availability
  • Preserves documents at risk of loos or deterioration
  • Saves costs by maintaining the volume of information on paper
  • Facilitates the administration and use of information, reducing costs and time
  • Protects the environment by minimizing the use of paper

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